100-8C Marketing Executive Upgrade



Energy FX Size

Energy FX Cords and Chains (Free)
18 inch leather (2.5 mm)
20 inch leather (2.5 mm)
24 inch leather (2.5 mm)
26 inch leather (2.5 mm)
30 inch leather (2 mm)
18 inch stainless steel (2 mm)
20 inch stainless steel (2 mm)
24 inch stainless steel (2 mm)
26 inch stainless steel (2 mm)
30 inch stainless steel (2 mm)
pocket key chain
pet collar ring

Jump-Start your earnings to 76% on the First 5 levels!

This package consists of one each of pH-FX, Ionyte, Dino-Min, Vibrant (15 Singles), Primo Java, Energy FX (sleek pendant), and "Big AL" training book.

Benefits of the Marketing Executive Upgrade Package: Immediately start earning 20% Level 1 Commissions PLUS earn 20% Fast Start Bonus (Total of 40%) on all new First Orders. PLUS, earn an additional Commission of 15% on Level 2 and 15% on Level 3 Orders. PLUS, earn an additional Commission of 3% on Level 4 and 3% on Level 5 Orders (Total of 76% on First 5 Levels which includes the 20% Fast Start Bonus).

This upgrade package will qualify the serious business builder to start earning immediately a "Whopping" 56% Commissions on their combined First 5 Level Orders, PLUS 20% Fast Start Bonus on all 1st orders (Total Commissions 76%).

To maintain this rank, an IBO will need to purchase a minimum $29.95 monthly order, and maintain $2,500 in Direct (first level) Orders.

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